About The Chorale

The Collegiate Chorale is a lively and committed group of singers, Board members and staff who share a passion for all music involving chorus and performed with great artistry. Our chorus is comprised of 150-175 members who join by audition and often remain involved for the rest of their lives. We sing regularly at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and other concert venues throughout the New York area, as well as at summer venues such as the Verbier (Switzerland) Festival, Israel, and the Salzburg Festival.

Our Mission

The mission of The Collegiate Chorale is to enrich its audiences through innovative programming and exceptional performances of a broad range of vocal music featuring a premier choral ensemble. 

Inherent in its mission is The Chorale's belief that choral music is a compelling collaboration that creates a powerful, shared experience unifying listeners and musicians of all backgrounds, beliefs and ages.

Our Performance Model

The Chorale's performance model is somewhat unique. Each season we offer a concert from four different program categories, to explore the many ways in which the choral art is expressed

Choral Masterwork

Major choral works that are timeless, and that showcase the exhilarating, moving, and uplifting sound of a chorus

Operas containing significant choral writing, from any era, presented in concert form to bring the music to the forefront

American Masters
Music from genres including Broadway/musical theater; music of the Americas; American operetta; classical concert pieces by American composers

Special Events
A wild-card, opportunity-driven category for music that deserves to be heard but does not fit neatly into any of the other categories; or, we may choose to present an additional and unique offering in the Choral Masterworks, Opera-in Concert, or American Masters category

As a part of our performance model, we invite many of the world’s most celebrated soloists, instrumentalists, and conductors to join with us in our concerts, thus offering our audiences the highest level of musical artistry. 

Our Membership

The singers who make up the 150-175 voice Chorale come from all parts of the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut region, as well as beyond. We have one member who travels to New York City each week from Rhode Island to sing with us! Our members include teenage singers (students in our “Side-by-Side” high school program), recent college graduates, established lawyers, doctors, musicians, marketing professionals, arts administrators, teachers, computer programmers, psychologists, authors, editors, translators, and so on… and retirees, still singing with the precision, enthusiasm and musicality acquired from years of performing with The Collegiate Chorale.  

Our Board of Directors 

SUSAN SHINE, Vice-Chair 
SANDRA JOYS, Secretary 
LOIS CONWAY, Treasurer

Martina Arroyo
Page Ashley
Rima Ayas
Jewelle Bickford
Juliana Chen
Alicia Damley
Kenneth H. Hannan, Jr.
Robert Jurgrau
Jill Malila
Ellen Marcus 
                    James Marcus (In Memoriam)
Ellen Nenner
Elaine Petschek
Stuart Rosow
Lisa Rubin
Peter Shaerf
Petra Slater
Deborah F. Stiles
Adèle K. Talty
Elizabeth Tunick 

Directors Emeriti

Anna Mann
William H. Mann    

Our Advisory Council 

Victoria Clark
Martin Engstroem
Nathan Gunn
Steve Novick
Kelli O’Hara
Alan Pierson
Bruce Pomahac
Matthew Principe
Bartlett Sher 
Ira Siff
Daisy Soros
Bernard Telsey
Deborah Voigt
Judy Francis Zankel